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Angie - Sorrell

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Angie enjoys great public recognition from working at her family's business, Joe Snuffy's for many years. She has incredible people-skills and and ingrained "Service" mind-set. She is absolutely sure to provide the very best, affable help while assisting you to choose your next family vehicle or personal driver. Angie, as a mother, herself, knows well all of the challenges that are required for a suitable family vehicle for the "On the go" life-style most of us endure from the demands of juggling activities with work.

Bruce Burnett - General Sales Manager

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I am an Abilene native and life-long car sales professional with deep local connections. Now, here, at Steve Z's, we are a committed, local team that is ready to help you find the right vehicle and the best price and circumstances possible. Feel free to drop by , call or surf our website to find the perfect vehicle for your family and you. We stand ready to help and provide the best possible service. Also, don't forget to schedule your repair work at Steve Z's Third Street Auto, just next door. Our referral gratuity is $100 for each person that YOU send in to buy from us and mention your name as the referral source. Cash in today!, 1213 NW 3rd St, Abilene, KS 67410 785-200-3098
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